Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor registration opens online Wednesday, November 28th at Noon (EDT)

Please be forewarned that some exhibit areas sell out very quickly, often within hours of registration open. 

Next Michigan Shoe Market:

Sunday, February 24 | 9 - 6

Monday, February 25 | 9 - 5 

Exhibitor Set Up Day - Saturday, February 23|

Booth Exhibitors after Noon | Room Exhibitors after 4 PM

Markets Held at Embassy Suites Livonia

19525 Victor Parkway, Livonia, MI  48152

​Michigan Shoe Market Office

Market Director:  Jana Skaglin

Phone Number:  (248) 661-4590

Fax Number:  (248) 468-1477

Michigan Shoe Market Office Address:  24580 Naples Drive Novi, MI  48374


Registration Deadline:  December 15, 2018

Advertising Copy Deadline: December 30, 2018


All Exhibit Space is First Come First Served.

Breakdown of All Exhibit Fees can be found here:  

General Information:  We offer two types of exhibit spaces:  EXHIBIT BOOTHS and EXHIBIT ROOMS.  The Exhibit Rooms are located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the Hotel.  Room Exhibitors comprise 70% of the exhibit space, while Booth Exhibitors account for 30% of the exhibit space utilized.  Exhibit Booth space is located in the Hotel Ballroom and in the Hotel Atrium on the first floor.

Room Exhibitors:  Room Exhibitors utilize the front suite to display their goods and the back suite as a sleeping area.  At Market registration, your Michigan Shoe Market Show fees are payable by credit card or check at the conclusion of online registration.  In addition to Market fees, you will be responsible for your room fees of $143 plus taxes with a three day minimum (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) guarantee payable directly to the Hotel upon check-in at the Market.  Your room at the Embassy Suites Livonia is reserved automatically by MSM personnel when you register for the Market as a room exhibitor.  Your room assignment will be emailed to you after the registration deadline.  If Friday arrival is desired, please contact the MSM office at 248-661-4590 IN ADVANCE so we can make needed arrangements.  Special Friday arrival rates are available when booked well in advance.  Exhibit rooms will be available for set-up after 4 PM on Saturday.  All exhibit rooms must remain open until 5 PM on Monday.  Check out time is Noon on Tuesday.  Room numbers will be assigned after the deadline date.  Late registrants will not be listed in the Market Directory.  Tables and other equipment will be waiting for you in your exhibit area.  Cloths ordered need to be picked up from the MSM registration desk on set-up day.  Detailed exhibitor pricing can be found here:  Exhibitor Fees Breakdown  

Booth Exhibitors:  We now offer two types of Booth Space:  Premium Atrium Booths and Ballroom Booths.  The Hotel atrium now offers open and well lit atrium space which will be utilized for Atriim Premium booths.  Premium Atrium booths are available in 6 x 10', 6 x 12' end cap, and 6 x 20', and 6' x 20' end cap sizes.  These premium booths offer added visibility to Market attendees.  Our standard Ballroom Booths are also still available in 6 x 10', 6 x 12', 6 x 16' and 6 x 20' sizes.  All booth space is sold on a first come, first served basis.  You will need to indicate at registration which location you desire by choosing either Premium Atrium or Ballroom Booth space.  Booth exhibitors are responsible for making their own sleeping arrangements.  Booth numbers will be assigned and the Directory will be set up shortly after the deadline date.  Late registrants will not be listed in the Market Directory.  Set-Up Day is the Saturday preceding the Market.  The Premium Atrium and Ballroom booth areas will be available for set-up at Noon.  Booth prices include Show fee, tables, cloths, table coverings, ID sign, electricity and wastebasket.  Available optional equipment includes spot lights and table risers.  All ordered booth equipment will be waiting for you in your exhibit area.  Detailed booth offerings and pricing information can be found here:  Exhibitor Fees Breakdown  Booths must remain open until 5 PM on Monday.  Booth exhibitors need to make their own sleeping room arrangements - to make reservations at the Embassy Suites Hotel/Livonia please user this link:  Reservations for Embassy Suites Hotel Livonia  If you need additional Hotel information please contact Alex Lopez at 734-855-8886 or by email at:  alex.lopez4@hilton.com Be sure to identify yourself as a booth exhibitor needing a sleeping room during the Michigan Shoe Market.  (We block most of the hotel so be sure you identify yourself as a booth exhibitor).   

Lighting:  We are now required by the hotel to utilize only LED lighting.  Any spot lights, bulbs, etc ( all lighting) you bring for use at the Market must be LED only.  This will be strictly enforced.

Cancellation Information:  Once the Directory has gone to the printer, the exhibit fee will not be refunded.  One month prior to the market is the deadline of any refund of exhibit fee.   If you do not cancel your hotel room and do not show up, the hotel will bill you for your room as it is a guaranteed reservation.  If you cancel your exhibit room less than one week before the Market, you will be billed for one hotel room night.

Door Sign / Window Display: New to this Market, all room exhibitors will be permitted to display signage on the outside of the Room window.  The signage must not exceed the window dimensions of 33" in width x 75" in height.  The sign must be attached to the window with an adhesive like 3M that will not harm the glass.  All room exhibitors are strongly encouraged to display a magnetic door sign outside their room and/or a sign on the outside of the room window.  Only the plastic marquee type of door signs and or a sign that is contained within the window dimensions may be used.  If you do not own a plastic marquee sign, you may rent one during the Market (see the MSM registration desk upon arrival for details)..  The magnetic sign must be located near the top of the door jam.  Absolutely no other types of signage or products may appear outside of your exhibit room during the Market, except as listed above.

Set-Up and Breakdown:  Set up day is Saturday.  Booth exhibitors may begin set up at Noon on Saturday.  Exhibit Room exhibitors may check in to the Hotel and begin set up after 4 PM on Saturday.  If you would like to check in on an earlier day, please contact the MSM office so that we can make arrangements with the hotel.  A special room rate is available if reserved two weeks in advance  to exhibitors for Friday only.  (The regular room rate applies for the Saturday - Monday nights of the stay).  Rooms and booths must remain set up until 5 PM on Monday.  Breaking down early, without priot consent from MSM Director will result in a $150 fee and exhibitor may be placed in last assigned exhibit space (including corner rooms off main hallway) at the following Michigan Shoe Market.       

Shipping & Receiving:  The Hotel will accept domestic and international packages up to 2 days preceding each show (the Thursday before the Market is the first day packages can be received by the Hotel) .  Packages should be clearly marked "Michigan Shoe Market" (with the exhibitor's name listed) and be sent to Embassy Suites Hotel Livonia, 19525 Victor Parkway, Livonia, MI  48152.  Packages arriving earlier than 2 days (before Thursday) will be subject to a $25 per package/per day storage fee.  The Hotel will accept packages weighing less than 100 lbs.  Packages in excess of 100 lbs. will be subject to a $25 special handling fee.  The Hotel will not accept packages, boxes, and/or crates sent "Freight On Board" (FOB) that require anyone, other than the delivery driver, to unload from the carrier.  The Hotel will not be responsible for packages / merchandis left at the Hotel that are not included in outgoing shipping.   

Please address packages sent to the Market as follows:

 Name of Exhibitor - Booth # or Room #

c/o Michigan Shoe Market

Embassy Suites Hotel Livonia

19525 Victor Parkway

Livonia, MI  48152

All packages received by the hotel will be charged a delivery fee based on the guidelines below:

                Packages less than 10lbs, $2.00 per box

                Packages 10lbs to 35lbs, $5.00 per box

                Packages 35lbs to 50lbs, $10.00 per box

                Packages 50lbs +, $15.00 per box

Packages will be delivered to exhibitor booths and suites by 4pm Saturday.

For outgoing shipments, packages must be brought to the Hotel Sales Office/Front Desk for pick-up by the shipping carrier.  Exhibitors must call FedEx/UPS to schedule a pick-up from the hotel and provide their own shipping label.  Embassy Suites Livonia is not responsible for packages not shipped out.

Exhibit Room Exhibitors:  At registration, you will be responsible for your Michigan Shoe Market Show fees.  These fees are payable upon checkout at registration (by credit card or check).  In addition to Market fees, you will be responsible for your room fees of $143 per day plus tax, with a three night (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) guarantee, payable directly to Embassy Suites upon check-in at the Market.  Your room at Embassy Suites is reserved automatically (by the Michigan Shoe Market) when you register for the Michigan Shoe Market (does not apply to booth exhibitors). Your room number assignment will be emailed to you after the registration deadline.  If Friday arrival is desired, please contact the Michigan Shoe Market office (248) 661-4590 IN ADVANCE.  Special Friday arrival rates are available on a limited first come, first served basis.  All exhibit rooms must remain open until 5 PM on Monday.   Check out time is Noon on Tuesday.   

Furniture:  The Hotel owners are understandably concerned about protecting their investment.  The ability of our organization to utilize these facilities rests on our diligence in keeping their furniture and rooms in pristine condition.  Room Exhibitors will be sent a floor layout form by the Michigan Shoe Market asking which floor layout you would like set ahead of the Market so that we can have your furniture pre-set for your needs.  The Hotel insists that any furniture (other than folding display tables) needs to be moved solely by Hotel personnel (which they are happy to do upon request).  Thereforeeach exhibitor is PROHIBITED from moving any furniture (except for folding display tables delivered to your room), or attach anything to any wall, lampshade, artwork, etc.  A fine of $250 will be assessed by the Hotel to any offending exhibitor if these conditions are not met.  If damages total more than $250, you will be fined a fee in the amount equal to damages.  Your hotel furniture will be adjusted in your room to accommodate tables ordered.  The hotel will charge you $250 if furniture is moved on your own.  Please be careful when setting up displays.  Nothing may be attached to the walls. IF YOU NEED ANY FURNITURE MOVED PLEASE CALL THE FRONT DESK FOR ASSISTANCE.  Upon check-in you will also be required to sign a form which indicates that you will be held responsible for any room/furniture damages.

Name Badges:  Please wear your Name Badge on all Market days.

Michigan Shoe Market Registration:  Please pick up your name badge and other Market Information at the Michigan Shoe Market Registration Desk (located in the atrium) on Saturday, before 6 PM or Sunday before 8:00 AM. 

Maid Service:  Maid service will be on the floors beginning at 7 AM on Sunday and Monday mornings.  A lottery cleaning time assignment will be given to you as you check into the hotel with your time frame.  The maids will not return to your room if you do not let them in at that time.  

Retailer's Lunches:  Each Market day, (Noon - 2 PM) a complimentary luncheon is provided in the restaurant area for the Retailers.  This is for retailers only, exhibitors are strictly prohibited so that retailers have time to enjoy their lunch without any exhibitor presence.

Lunchcart:  For the exhibitors, a lunch cart will be in the halls and booth spaces between 10 AM and Noon.  The lunch includes choice of sandwich and salad, chips or cookies and a soft drink or water - $10.95 which includes tax and tip.

Salesmen's Dinner:  A complimentary Salesmen's Dinner is held on the Saturday evening at our Markets.  Please reserve your spot during registration.  There will be a $15 charge for each guest ( your mate, company executive).  This is not a retailer event.  A brief meeting will follow, and a room lottery is held where 3 rooms will be raffled off as a free room for your 3 night stay!  Cocktails are served at 6 pm and Dinner is at 6:30 PM.  Salesmen's Dinner held in Hotel restaurant area in February and in party tent in parking lot in August.

Complimentary Cocktail Reception:  For Retailers and Exhibitors held at 6 PM on Sunday of our Markets.  Reception held in Hotel Restaurant area in February and in Party Tent in East Parking Lot in August.

Advertising:  Advertisements may be purchased.  All advertisements are full color and will appear in the Market Directory (mailed to over 600 Midwest Retail Stores two weeks prior to the Market) and on the MSM website (where the retailers register online for the Market) for 6 months.  Advertisements are available in full page and half page sizes and can be purchased during registration or on the MSM website under the Exhibitor - Purchase Advertising tab.  Advertising copy deadline is the same as Exhibitor Registration Deadline for each Market.  Please contact our office if additional information is needed.

If you need any additional information, please free to contact us at the Michigan Shoe Market. 
(248) 661-4590 - phone   (248) 468-1477- fax   CLICK HERE to Email Us

We welcome your questions and comments!