Advertising - Specs and Purchase Space


Ad copy deadine: June 14

Ad Prices/Requirements:

8.25" tall by 6.75” wide – Full Page Ad: $150*

4" tall by 6.75" wide – 1/2 Page Ad: $90*

Leave room for the Room / Booth Number and we will fill it in after Room / Booth Number Assignments are made

All ads will appear on the Hotel Monitors during the Market, with Brand Listings document, and in Michigan Shoe Market social media.

Social media ads will be appear on Michigan Shoe Market Instagram and Facebook pages if full page or 1/2 page ad space is purchased.  If you would like your ad to also appear in the MSM social media pages please include the following ad dimensions: 

  • Facebook - Photo 1200 x 680 pixels
  • Instagram  - Square photo - 1080 x 1080 pixels

PDF AND HIgh Resolution JPEG Formats accepted

NEW THIS MARKET:  All  ADS will appear on Hotel Monitors throughout the Market for maximum brand visibility

Email to:

Include the exhibitor's name and brand name with your submission

Please leave room for us to add your room or booth number later

Deadline: We must receive advertisement copy and payment by JUNE 14, 2024

Ads will appear in brand listings document, on Hotel Monitors during Market, on social media.

Any Questions? Feel free to contact us! Phone 248-661-4590 or Fax-248-468-1477

SKU: Purchase_Advertising
Full Page with Full Color ad is $150 and Half Page with Full Color ad is $90. Ads appear in MSM Social Media, on Hotel Monitors and with Brand Listings
Please list all brand names appearing in the ad.
Please list name(s) of all exhibitors ad is being purchased for.